Welcome to Agilist.

Agilists are entrepreneurs, leaders, innovators, and problem solvers and above all truly human. Agilists care about those around them, have true empathy, listen well and be the example for those around you.
Create your vision and measurable roadmap for 2022. Let’s be agile about agile and use Agile ways of planning so that we can make 2022 count.
As the work and life paradigm starts to shift, we see a greater need for self-leadership and discipline.
Know your inner self – Start with the understanding that every second, there are thousands of decisions to be made. And understanding your values helps to always know what road to take from there.⁣⁣
We at Agilist are committed to helping every individual to unleash their inner leadership skills and create a significant impact for everyone that matters around you. This workshop includes insights from outstanding leaders around the world with whom we had an opportunity to work.
This workshop will combine the best of both worlds: hard skills for your company and personal development so you can be as committed as we are about self-leadership. You will learn the principles and behaviors of an agile approach to planning. We will explore how you can stay in touch with your inner Agilist.

Key Takeaways

Explore the definition of Self Leadership
Self reflection activity “Happiness Index” in the last two years for both personal and professional level.
Set Goals for self, for those in your family and for work
Make the goals count by taking achievable small steps.
Build a self-leadership canvas that helps you take your vision with you to help improve your leadership Style
Join us at the end of quarter for a free follow up on where you are with your goals.

What do I need?

Be fully present and have some tools to write on your laptop like word or google docs. We will be sharing a template with you.

Our Presenter

Vibhu Srinivasan is an agile thought leader and founder of Agilists (http://agilists.co). He is also a director at Accenture Technology Innovation Group. His goal, through Agilists, is to enable an innovative & agile mindset and empower people to creatively solve complex problems together. Prior to this, he was a managing director at SolutionsIQ, where he helped clients navigate the complexities of business agility. He is known for spreading the deeper meaning behind agile practices. He has spoken at many agile conferences and events around the world.