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Limiting Beliefs & Agile Mindset

Do you take the time to address your mindset? The mindset of the individuals on your team? and the mindset of the team as a whole? If not, this might be something you want to consider – and today, this is what we will address in this blog – the Agile Mindset!

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Webinar: Limiting Beliefs and Agile Mindset

In this session, Jessica talks about Common limiting beliefs and how to overcome them. How do limiting beliefs impact Agility? Want to change your results? Change your thinking. Few practical exercises for when you or your team think, “I can’t”.

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Webinar: Do Agile Practices Work for the new Hybrid work force?

In this session, Vibhu talks about Agile pain points that hinder how we work today. For example, does scrum work for us? Unfortunately, our world does not look like this anymore.

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Is your product owner scrum master?

Is your product owner scrum master?

Can the Product Owner and Scrum Master be the same person in a Scrum Team?

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Do we have part-time members in a scrum team?

Part-time team members v/s persistent team members. What difference does it make in a scrum team?

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Why do Agile teams need a Definition of Done?

Why do we need a definition of done? What’s the point? Why do we need it at all?

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Product Ops Defined

This video presented at a conference talks about the core pillars of product-driven organizations &  how feedback loops are tightly coupled with the product team’s culture, its structure & its leaders.

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Do you have the Product Team Mindset?

Over the years in IT, teams have been organized more as component teams

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Scrum Your meetings- An Idea worth sharing

How can we make our meetings productive? This is a billion-dollar question

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