What is Definition Of Done?

What is Definition Of Done?


Since a Sprint moves at a rapid pace, the team needs a artifact of what needs to be done to a story to call it done. They write down all the typical things they do and that artifact is called DOD or Definition of Done. 

There are at least three types of Definitions of Done.

Here is an example DOD for a software team

Story Done:

What must happen for the story to be marked as complete.

An example Story definition of done would look like this.

  1. All stories should have automated acceptance test.
  2. The story should have working code supported by unit test that provide around 60 – 70 percent coverage.
  3. The story should have well defined acceptance criteria.
  4. The code must have been written as a pair or should be code reviewed.
  5. Code must be completely checked in to the source control system and the build should pass with all the automated tests running.
  6. The product owner must accept the story.

Sprint Done:

  1. Product owner should have defined a sprint goal.
  2. All stories completed in the sprint must be accepted by the product owner
  3. All the automated acceptance tests should be running for the stories in the sprint.
  4. All code should have been pair programmed or must have gone thorough a code review process.
  5. If there is a database involved, the database scripts must have been automated and tested.

Release Done:

  1. Product is deployed to the test box and makes it to staging
  2. Product has a formal release date.
  3. There are deployment documents for the release
  4. Training manuals are available for users.
  5. All stories for the release are completed and accepted.
  6. The release does not have any level one bugs.