Tamara Runyon

Tamara Runyon is a Certified Scrum Trainer at Agilists.Co, Enterprise Agile coach, and Founder of Applied Scrum.

Whether teaching Scrum to individuals in one of her CSM or CSPO workshops, or helping enterprise organizations adopt and scale Agile practices, Tamara is committed to arming people with the power to make a difference in their workplaces.

With over 30 years of experience in business management and software development, Tamara has been bringing Scrum to the masses for more than 15 of those years. She has worked with globally-known companies such as Intel, Key Bank, CapitalOne, Gerson-Lehrman Group, Sandia, Washington Mutual, and many more. She has authored and contributed to several Agile industry publications, including being the lead author of the research paper AgileEVM – Earned Value Management in Scrum Projects. Her techniques in AgileEVM are now used by major corporations in the defense industry.

Find out more about Tamara on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/tamararunyon/