Facilitating Outcome Driven Meetings: Vibhu’s Session Insights from BioPharmaPM 2024 Conference

At the recent BioPharmaPM 2024 conference, Vibhu Srinivasan Founder Agilists.Co delved into the art of creating an innovation mindset through outcome-driven meetings.

The session was a deep dive into improving meeting structures to boost productivity and unleash creativity. The insights shared were not just informative, but also empowering, providing you with the tools to transform your meeting culture. Here’s a recap for those who attended and a summary for those who missed it.

Goals for the Session

1. Explore the Impact of Meetings on Day-to-Day Work
2. Unleash Creativity: Learn four refreshing techniques for better meetings

Understanding the Impact of Meetings on Day-to-Day Work

Most of us find our calendars packed with meetings, often impacting our productivity and creative processes. To address this, we started with a fun and engaging activity called “The Oscars for the World’s Worst Meeting. This collaborative exercise not only highlighted common pitfalls in meetings but also fostered a sense of camaraderie and excitement among participants.


Activity: The Oscars for the World’s Worst Meeting

We used a collaborative technique called Liberating Structures 1-2-4-All to identify the worst aspects of meetings:

Step 1/4: Write down your idea of the worst meeting on a sticky note.

Step 2/4: Pair up, discuss your ideas, and select the worst one between the two.

Step 3/4: Join another pair, discuss again, and select the worst idea among the four.

Step 4/4: As a group, discuss and decide on the worst meeting scenario among the selected ideas.

This activity not only highlighted common pitfalls in meetings but also fostered a sense of collaboration and fun among participants. By identifying what makes meetings ineffective, we can actively work towards avoiding these pitfalls in our own meetings.

Top 5 Obstacles to Productivity in Meetings

Based on insights from Microsoft’s research, here are the top obstacles that hinder productivity in meetings:
1. Having inefficient meetings

2. Lacking clear goals

3. Having too many meetings

4. Feeling uninspired

5. Not easily finding the information I need


Unleashing Creativity: Four Refreshing Techniques for Better Meetings

Why Do We Have Meetings?

  1. Reach Consensus
  2. Disseminate Information
  3. Gather Ideas
  4. Seek Clarity
  5. Informal Get-Together

Meetings can vary greatly in size and type, from large formal meetings to small informal gatherings. They also differ in the degree of personalization, ranging from highly tailored sessions to more generic ones.

Meeting Technique 1: POWER START

Power Start meeting technique clearly helps you achieve following:

To kickstart meetings effectively, we introduced the POWER START technique:

  1. Design & Create a Collaborative Experience
  2. Clearly define the problem and desired outcomes.
  3. Manage Dysfunctions
  4. Identify and address common dysfunctions that can derail meetings.
  5. Follow Up with Retrospectives
  6. Ensure continuous improvement by reviewing what worked and what didn’t.

Meeting Technique 2: Core Protocols

We discussed the Core Protocols as a structured approach to enhance team collaboration and meeting outcomes. For instance, one of the Core Protocols is ‘Check In ‘, where each participant briefly shares their current state of mind. For more details, visit The Core Protocols.

Meeting Technique 3: Lean Coffee

Lean Coffee is a structured yet agenda-less meeting format that fosters open discussion and helps prioritize topics based on participants’ interests. This format encourages equal participation, ensures that all topics are covered, and allows for spontaneous discussions, thereby enhancing meeting productivity and creativity.

Meeting Technique 4: Work the Work Pattern

Implementing systematic approaches to improve meeting efficiency and outcomes was emphasized. This technique, known as the Work the Work Pattern, ensures that meetings are not only effective but also drive actionable results. By applying these practical and proven techniques, you can feel confident in your ability to transform your meetings and drive better results.


Transforming our meeting culture to be more productive and creative is crucial for our day-to-day work. By understanding the impact of meetings and applying these innovative techniques, we can create an environment that fosters innovation and efficiency. Let’s take these strategies back to our teams and start seeing the difference! Remember, the key to success is in the application.

We hope you found the session enlightening and enjoyable. Stay tuned for more insights and techniques to enhance your work life!

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