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Our focus is on helping small and medium-sized technology-driven companies and individuals, build the core capabilities needed in product-centric organizations. We can assist with building product-centric teams, unlearning agile and training, people operations HR, and cohort programs.

We at Agilists.Co can help solve following problems for you

    1. Outdated hiring practices
    2. Suboptimal employee potential
    3. Ineffective onboarding processes
    4. Insufficient feedback loops in performance reviews
    5. Outdated organizational hierarchies that resemble traditional pyramids.

Agile in Human resources, what does that mean?

In most organizations, Human resources takes its place when the first employee joins the organization. It starts with the employee filling out an intake form. From the moment the employee’s information is entered into the system, the Human resources which is also known as People operations department starts to take shape. Human Resources assumes people are resources, hence People Operations sounds much better.

Sometimes, in existing organizations, change is required so that the department can function better. When you have to make a change, how do you do it? Identify the problem and formulate a plan to mitigate the problem and stop it from worsening. Let’s look at an example of transformation of process within an organization.

Agile People Operations Lead

Arati Vibhu

People Operations (HR) Leader, Healthcare Professional

Arati Vibhu is an Agile consultant with a focus on HR within the IT services industry. With a track record spanning five years, Arati has played a pivotal role in aiding an IT startup by implementing Agile values and principles in the HR domain. Prior to this, Arati amassed over a decade of experience as a pharmacist in the retail sector, fostering a deep understanding of patient care and recovery, which translates into invaluable empathy and compassion necessary for managing the human aspect within organizations.

You can connect with Arati on LinkedIn or write to her at

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